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Heatlash™ Eyelash Curler

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What does it do? 
  • Eyelash curls stay in place for 12 hours! 
  • Does not damage or pull-on lashes
  • Rechargeable
  • Volumizes lashes
  • Lengths lashes
  • Curling

Is it safe?
Heated eyelash curlers have the advantage of being gentler than traditional eyelash curlers in that they do not pull or damage lashes. They curl your lashes more intensely than regular eyelash curlers.


1.  Start out with clean, Dry lashes, otherwise they most certainly will not hold a curl. 

2.Allow lashes to dry completely after washing your face, otherwise, they most certainly will not hold a curl. 

3. Curl with regular eyelash curler, then use the Heatlash on the curl you have made, hold for 3-5 seconds .

4. Done!


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