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FunShots® Dispenser

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*6 FREE Shot Glasses Included + FREE Shipping

Cheers! Your next shot is on me! 😉🎉

The FunShots Dispenser was created to bring family and friends closer together to experience something that was simply FUN


Be the LIFE of the party! 😊

FunShots allows you to have fun and drink, while bringing everyone closer. You get to share an intimate shot taking moment together, that we are honored to be apart of.


"Have fun, be safe, and most importantly, create memories you'll never forget." - FunShots®



What's Included?

-1 FunShots Dispenser

-6 multi-colored acrylic shot glasses

-6 leak plugs, in case you want to pour less than 6 shots

-And most importantly, LOTS OF FUN!!

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